What if our friends really listened?

A coach is a friend without an agendaHave you ever been looking forward to a coffee date with a bestie, ready to spill your guts and get some advice? But instead, you either spent most of the time talking about her, or hearing why she thinks your ideas are all wrong!

Here’s why: even the best of friends has an agenda for your life – they see you in a certain light, to want certain things for you, to have their own picture of what your success will look like.  So they will give you advice on what you should do, who you should be, or how you should do it – all according to their own views.

(I am guilty of it too when I’m being a bestie instead of a coach!)

And that bestie behavior will not help you find your voice.  In order for change to really happen, for you to begin to believe in yourself, you have to be the one that figures out the next steps, who figures out the whats, the hows, the whos – and having a supportive, objective, and encouraging coach stand beside you and believe in you – that’s what good coaching is all about.

A coach is a friend without an agenda

One of the cool things about coaching, is that a coach doesn’t need for you to be anything other than you! You don’t have to meet her needs, say things a certain way, put on a pretty face for your coach.   It’s ok to be unsure, to be unhappy, to be scared when you are with your coach.  Because those are all places we walk through to find our true and pure path.

Coaching is a conversation that is focused purely on you, and getting to know the real you.  It’s about finding your purpose, identifying your strengths, balancing your life, and finding your joy again.  All by being authentically and honestly you.

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Is life how you thought it would be?Are you tired of feeling bad about who you are, how you look, or what you messed up (again)?

Are you tired of always being disappointed in life?

Are people are always letting you down?

Does no one ever see your potential, even when they love you?

Do others treat you like deserve to be treated?

What happened to the joy that’s supposed to be in this life?

Isn’t life supposed to be happy?

Are you ready to feel good about YOU?

It's time to rejoice in this life!

Then you are ready for personalized coaching with Christine!

Christine is a Certified Coach, trained in an International Coaching Federation (ICF) approved training program.  She is a professional member of the ICF as well as the American Counseling Association (ACA).

Women who work with Christine must:

  • Be ready to move from surviving to thriving
  • Be willing to stretch their comfort zones
  • Be willing to walk through fears into joy
  • Be ready to heal the past
  • Do their homework!
  • Be willing to share and show emotion with Christine
  • Be ready to take action steps into a joyful fulfilling future!
  • Be open to healing their spiritual side

Christine has a strong faith in an almighty Creator, and believes this relationship is what brings us freedom and joy. Her Christian background gives her strong roots, and she now likes to think of God as a woman just to take Her out of a box. Christine knows that the Spirit speaks to everyone a little bit differently and we all must honor each other’s truth. Women who work with her must believe in a power higher than themselves, however they define it. 

What would you do if you knew you would not fail?Ready to shine!

Be bold. Step into the sun, sweet sister! Live this life as you are truly meant to live it – be free from disappointment, comparison, or pressure to be someone other than who you truly are.

You are a beautiful,
talented and beloved soul,
just waiting to shine.

Are you ready
to have the life you deserve?

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What is group coaching?

Group Coaching 

Individual or group coaching?A healthy friendship circle works a lot like coaching.  Friends can help keep us accountable, they can relate with their own stories and experiences, and their love and encouragement makes the world a brighter place.

 When you are in one-on-one coaching with Christine, it’s not often that she shares her own stories – her job is to help you find the wisdom and answers within you.

But sometimes, our learning comes more easily through the stories and experiences of others.

If you like hearing about the experiences of others as you travel your own journey, if you like having more than one sounding board or more than one supportive voice, you will love group coaching.

And because many women are in the same group, getting coaching at the same time, group coaching is also a less expensive form of coaching.

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Reconnecting to the Worth and Wisdom in each of us