Girlfriend Power

Girlfriend PowerSmall-Group Coaching

Would you love to have a coaching environment filled with women who are already your friends?

The Girlfriend Power accountability groups are small groups that YOU design!

When friends want to help encourage each other with goals and create accountability, but don’t really know where to begin.

You and 5-11 of your good friends commit together to form a coaching group and I will facilitate your group’s success.

We, with the help of your friends, will design personalized goals, action steps, and desired outcomes for each of you. And then through sharing these goals with your group, you are able to get and give support along the way, and you will ALL accomplish what you set out to do!

As your Small-Group Coach, I will:

  • Get your group started via a private Facebook group
  • Teach you the tools to set strong, solid goals aligned with your personal values
  • Show you how to support each other gently and effectively
  • Create a safe space to grow your friendships and share your hearts

After 2 weeks of daily support and design, I will leave you to it.  You will take over the group, run it for as long as you want, and have a space dedicated for just you and your friends to accomplish anything you dream!

Great friends make awesome coaches
when given the tools
to support each other in love.


Private group accessible 24/7 via Facebook
2 weeks of daily group facilitation and guidance
(additional weeks available at a nominal fee)
5-11 people
$59 per person

Contact Christine to set up your group, beginning any time of the year!

Reconnecting to the Worth and Wisdom in each of us