Home for the Holidays

Years of therapy & meditation –
down the drain with one holiday meal.

Do family interaction times during the holiday season stress you out or leave you feeling badly about yourself?  Do you forget who you are and all that you have become?

We can often be reduced to our old family roles ( such as Sassy Boy-Crazy Sister, Lazy Smart-mouthed Teenager) when gathering together at traditional times, with people who have known us for long periods of time.

But you aren’t that little girl anymore, and you wish they could see it!  Well, since we can’t change other people, in this web class Christine gives 5 tips to remembering your worth, standing up for yourself, and successfully enjoying a potentially complicated event.

Click above to watch this 30 minute webcast done November 2014 with Christine, and remember who you are through the holidays, and every day!

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Reconnecting to the Worth and Wisdom in each of us