Find Your Worth & Wisdom

I wonder if too much of the time, your life feels like a secret mess. Like you are trying to prove that you are worth something, worthy of friendship, worthy of love, worthy of success, worthy of happiness. Maybe you find yourself trying to prove to yourself or others in your life that you have value or insights.

Do you feel unsure of what you are meant to do in life, what comes next in your story? Do you sometimes feel like you are just going through the motions trying to make it to the next day… struggling to be heard, to believe in yourself, and to believe that the Creator has a plan for you?

Don't let perfectionism steal your life!

No matter what you try to do, how hard you try to believe, you may find the things in your past seem to keep pulling you down or holding you back.  You find yourself stuck because of the things that were done to you, or your own mistakes or regrets keep haunting you.  So many things that are now outside of your control, but they impact you every single day?

Is it time to overcome your fears for today and your pain from the past? Is it time to get over those doubts you have about yourself to be free?

my worth will not be hostage

Maybe you are
always doubting yourself…
second guessing decisions…
letting people walk over you…
getting embarrassed by your mistakes…
hiding flaws so that people will like you…

Wishing life was different…

but you are sick of it!

You have worth and wisdom!It’s time for you to really believe it – you ARE brave, and you ARE strong. You know you are not meant to live a life ruled by fear and self doubt.  You know you need to be nicer to yourself, but you aren’t sure how. You know you were created for a unique and beautiful purpose, and you have gifts to share with the world.

Is it time to stop hiding who you really are, to be who you are meant to be? Is it time to overcome fear and live a life that is truly free?

You can. And I can help you.

If we could do it on our own, we would have done it already! We all need support to get out of the patterns of thinking that have kept us captive. We all need an objective and accepting ear, someone who will listen without judging, and will help us understand things in a new and  different way. Someone who will teach us new skills, and encourage us when we are struggling to really learn them.

Are you ready to know your worth?
Ready to find your wisdom?

Get started right now!  

Need help saying no? Free recording!Do you say YES when you mean NO, and then face the consequences of being overwhelmed later? Are you afraid of letting people down?  Here’s a recorded webinar filled with encouraging tips to start saying no when you need to!

Reconnecting to the Worth and Wisdom in each of us