Group Coaching Workshops

Relating. Collaborating. Supporting.
Encouraging. Praying. Advising.
And a little bit of calling each other out.

setting boundaries while still being niceSetting Boundaries

while still being nice!  Setting boundaries isn’t mean, selfish, or deserving of guilty feelings.  In this 21-day workshop, we will expand awareness and take action to be able to set nice AND healthy boundaries!

workshop descriptionPracticing Un-Perfectionism

Are you tired of good enough never actually being enough?  In this 21-day workshop we learning about letting go of those “shoulds,” the expectations that hold us back from living life fully, right now!

workshopKnow My Worth

28 days of in-depth overcoming and healing to fully step into our worth! We examine our foundations of self worth, steps to overcoming shame, finding forgiveness, and letting go.  All the keys to reconnecting with our own self-worth!

Girlfriend PowerGirlfriend Power

Friendship and Accountability Groups
started with Christine, led by you!  Bring together a small group of women who want to make changes in their lives, and Christine will guide you all in SMART goal setting and loving accountability.

Build-Your-Own Workshops

WorkshopsDo you have a great idea that is begging to be turned into a workshop?  Is it such a big idea, that you could use a little help getting it put together?

With over 15 years in training and education, I can help you put your great ideas into outlines, courses, and activities to do in a live or online session. Contact me for details on Personalized Workshop Building.

Free Webinar Replays 

Every few months I offer a free online interactive class around a topic that seems to be on our minds.  Here are a few of the replays that you might find helpful.

Stop saying YES when you really mean NO

Need help saying no? Free Webinar!You know you need to say no, but the word is so hard to get out of your lips!  And then you end up being overwhelmed and overloaded, all in the name of being “nice.”

Watch this replay to take a look at WHY we do this, and tips on how to stop!

Home for the Holidays

Free WebinarAvoid being reduced to who you were when getting together with those who knew you ages ago.

Watch the replay for 5 tips to remember your worth at family gatherings.


Kick the Green Eyed Monster to the Curb!

Would you love to get rid of the Green Eyed Monster?

Are you tired of feeling jealous of a co-worker or even a friend?  How about the worry of being betrayed by one you love?

Jealousy steals joy.  Watch the replay of this webinar to learn 5 tips to freedom from the green-eyed monster.

Reconnecting to the Worth and Wisdom in each of us