Know My Worth Coaching

Online small-group Women’s Workshop 

Do you struggle to feel good enough?

Do you ever wish your life was someone else’s?

Do you find you care too much about opinions?

Do you get disappointed in people, way too often?

It’s time to break those old patterns of thinking!

Know My Worth

This private workshop is
4 weeks in length,
and run with an intimate group size of
no more than 28 women.

The workshop is held in a private Facebook group, with access only available by my approval.
It is a space free from judgment, criticism or comparison, where  we share our hearts and fears, learn new thinking.

Flexible Schedule

The workshop will run June 01, 2015 – June 28, 2015. While I will be posting and commenting once a day, the group is available 24 hours a day, and you can access it and participate at any time.
Videos and activities are completed on your own time, so carving a plan of “class time” will be essential for your success. You choose what you would like to share with us, and when you would like to share it, at any time within the group.  The more you participate in the group, the more you will get out of it.

Weekly Topics

Each week of the workshop is a new topic designed to help you identify the keys of knowing your worth.

Week 1: Examining your Foundation

The foundation of your house of self worth may need a little inspection. How did you first determine your worth?  Who told you you were worthy, or didn’t? What factors carry over into your daily life today?  What does your spiritual foundation teach you?  In this week’s lesson we explore our histories and our patterns to get a good understanding of our own foundation.

Week 2: Overcoming Shame

We all have things we are ashamed of in our pasts, but we have to learn to leave them there. An unhealthy sense of self worth often gets that way by being poisoned by shame.  Shame can be thrown at us by others, or heaped on us by our own brains.  In this week’s lesson we explore the roots of shame, I share personal stories of my own feelings of shame, and the keys for overcoming it in life.

04.16 worth not hostage

Week 3: Finding the Forgiveness

In order to develop and blossom a healthy sense of self worth, we have to practice forgiveness. Otherwise, we can end up tying our worth to what others have done, or what we did in the past.  In this week’s lesson, I teach the way to overcome the anger and the shame of the wrongs in the past in order to find the freedom that forgiveness can bring.

Week 4: Letting Go of Control

When we look to others, to circumstance, or to the past to find our worth, we also scratch and claw to keep control of our present.  In this week’s lesson we discover some of the keys to letting go of the need to control, being able to trust our higher power, and be in the present moment.

finding forgiveness

Are these the lessons
your soul has been craving?


The workshop completely met my expectations. I was looking to get insight and to get information. I was hoping to learn more about myself and to get tips on what I can do to feel worthy. I really liked the intimate setting. Sort of one-on-one attention.

~ P.P.

The workshop met and exceeded my expectations.  You gave  a heartfelt effort to the members and care about our success with it.  You clearly know what you are doing, and are happy sharing what you know with the clients in the workshop in a real way, vs trying to enlighten us into thinking you’re a guru who knows it all.

Having others there who were equally intent on the process, and being able to engage with them and seeing them engage with each other was a wonderful experience, because we were then helping each other, and realizing that we are not alone.

 ~ Em


You choose what you would like to share with us, and when you would like to share it, at any time within the group.  The more you participate in the group, the more you will get out of it.

current circumstances


Corresponding to the weekly themes, each day in the group we have coaching questions to ponder and discuss.  We  share inspirational memes and photos from our lives to get to know each other and encourage each other.
I add inspiration and ask questions of the group to explore the background of how we know our worth, what we have learned about it in the past and what we can know and do now.  I give tools and suggest new ways of thinking to help us move beyond those labels from the past.


Each week is designed around a different theme, each building on the previous one to give us a solid foundation to knowing our worth and letting go of the old patterns of thinking.

I imagine you will want to carve out at least a half hour each day to watch the videos and do the exercises, so start thinking of when in your day you will commit the time.  Making time for you is one of the first steps in knowing your own value.

If you like to write in a journal – this is the perfect time to pick out a new one, as you reflect each day. And committing with a friend makes it an even better workshop – one that can continue on past the 28 days – so invite someone to join you!

Are you ready? Click this button to reserve your spot in the workshop today! Limited seating.

 Registration Fee

Because this is in a group setting, I am able to discount the coaching services – drastically – while still giving personalized attention!  You will have 4 weeks of daily coaching with me, videos and in-depth coaching exercises, daily inspirational memes, quotes, and  support from peers, all for the price of a single (1) exploration coaching session – $99 USD.
Registration fees are payable through my Paypal shopping cart
with any checking or credit card account.

with registration!

Waiting to register may cause you to lose your spot, so if you sign up now, you will get a special bonus only for workshop participants!

I am worthy bonus gift created by Christine Morgan

A beautiful handcrafted I AM WORTHY poster, filled with daily affirmations to remember your worth.  Perfectly sized for printing and hanging on a bathroom mirror or next to your bed.

Only available for workshop participants!


If you have any questions, please contact me. Otherwise, if this fits your goals, sign up right now!
Get your all-access pass into this amazing workshop and change your thinking – change your life – today.

PS – my work has a spiritual foundation, but not necessarily a religious one. I believe one of the main steps we need to know our worth is a connection with our higher power (I use the terms God, Spirit, Creator), and that will be a concept discussed in the group.

P.P.S. – Click here to read the Workshop Coaching Agreement identifying your rights and responsibilities when participating in this workshop.

Reconnecting to the Worth and Wisdom in each of us